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W.E. Hill & Sons

A very rare and fine viola bow by W.E. Hill & Sons


Silver and tortoiseshell mounted octagonal pernambuco wood stick; frog inlaid with silver ‘Fleur de Lys’; full silver adjuster; made by Sidney Yeoman with frog by Albert Leeson; br. W.E. Hill & Sons; excellent condition; weight = 68g.


As usual, with the stops pulled out, Hills produced the most incredible bows – both visually and for their function. These ‘best’ bows often had the Fleur de Lys inlay as does this one.  It is rarer still for being a viola bow.


[The bow being pre-1947 does not require Cites certification to sell within the UK. However, if going abroad it would need the relevant paperwork.]  

Ref: STB41

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