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Herbert Whone website

My father Herbert Whone was a violinist, artist and writer. Throughout his life he somehow managed a dual – perhaps you might say triple – career.

During the last year of his life (he passed away in May 2011), we created a site for him to consolidate his lifes work in art, music and as an author.


As a violinist he often drew – or painted – portraits of the musicians he worked with, though his main output is represented in the large oil paintings of Glasgow in the 1950/60s during his time as co-leader of the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. This was followed by Yorkshire landscapes whilst professor of violin at Huddersfield Polytech from 1964 to 1972.

Later on in Harrogate he found an outlet for his love of trees in the many drawings from this time, and also discovered the medium of pastels through which he created a large number of wonderful representations of Fountains Abbey and Yorkshire waterfalls. He was also a keen photographer.

One significant occasion (represented on his web site with a selection of sketches) is the famous American tour of the RPO with Sir Thomas Beecham in 1950. My father, as a recent graduate of the RNCM, was invited to take part – and “drew” his way around America.

I hope you enjoy the artistic interlude…

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