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1st & 2nd November Amati Stringed Instrument

Exhibition Success

The 1st and 2nd of November 2015 saw another successful Amati event at the Langham Hotel in Portland Place, Central London. A wide array of violins, violas, cellos and bows (not to mention the interesting array of their chaperones) graced the large ball room and tables were festooned with offerings like so many Christmas dinners.  As usual, the Adam Whone stand was present with a good display of fine violins, violas and bows. Of particular note at this exhibition were some of the wonderful bows on offer, and the Whone stand was no exception with a specially enhanced display of items. These included fine bows by Henry, Sartory, Voirin, Lamy, Vigneron, Thomassin, Tubbs, Hill and many others. Other wonderful bows seen at the exhibition included fine examples of Tourte, Peccatte, Henry and Pajeot. Two exhibitors even made it from Japan – the Chaconne violin company, and the Sunrise Auction company – each with an interesting selection of instruments and bows.


The days were interspersed with waves of people moving between this auction and that. The Amati event always coincides with the various auctions present (and expanding at a surprising rate in recent years, with the exception of Christies, Bonhams and Sothebys who have taken another view).  It was a great opportunity not only to meet with old friends and colleagues, but also to make new acquaintances from the growing number of people who are finding out about this interesting and prestigious London happening.


An evening of entertainment followed the Sunday exhibition, presented by Roby Lakatos and his group, this time joined by Tamsin Waley-Cohen, the concert violinist. Fingers have rarely moved at such speed along 10 inches of ebony and when the smoke settled, the applause was equally wild.


As usual, the Amati auction was held in conjunction with the exhibition in an adjoining gallery and as if that wasn’t all quite enough to satisfy nearly every appetite, on each day the participants and visitors (entry was and always has been free) were offered drinks and canopes at a reception in the afternoon.


Well worth a visit then…

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