Instruments and bows from good student to top professional and soloist are always available.

Because the requirements are often quite specific it is suggested that if you have an interest in a particular type of instrument or bow, that you either phone, write or email your request upon which further details can be supplied.

A selection of instruments and bows currently available can be viewed by following the links on your right. Please feel free to enquire into the many other items available for sale if what you are looking for is not listed here. It goes without saying that all items offered are certified genuine and in fine playing condition. Adam Whone has an excellent reputation as restorer, maker and consultant and an equally respected and long career as an expert dealing in fine instruments and bows. Anyone considering purchasing an instrument or bow can always be assured of the highest degree of expertise and craftsmanship.

Sales abroad

We are very familiar with sales abroad and have long experience with everything this entails.