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Pierre Husson

Also known as ‘Husson-Dufour’ - circa 1910

A really lovely bow in every way.  Pierre Husson was from a gifted family of bow makers in Mirecourt whose work is highly respected by musicians today.  He was one of the relatively few known makers who supplied fine bows to the London shop of George Withers & Sons who were based in Leicester Square. 


The shop had strong ties with Mirecourt and both of George’s sons (Walter George and Guarnerius) apprenticed there. One of the sons even lived in the household of the famous bow maker Ch.N. Bazin and his son Louis.  Louis and the Withers boy were about the same age (15/16 years).  The bow is branded ‘Geo. Withers & Sons’.


[Certificate of J.F. Raffin]  

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