Adam Whone Ltd is a specialist shop with over 45 years of personal experience dedicated to the care and sale of instruments & bows of the violin family.

Adam Whone’s passion is to provide the best possible service to all string musicians whether soloists, collectors, top professionals, students or enthusiastic amateurs.

He has dedicated the whole of his working life to the restoration, maintenance and care of numerous fine instruments and bows and has   established an enviable reputation both as a leading expert in his field and in his skill as a craftsman. Anyone seeking to purchase a new instrument or bow will be warmly welcomed and a good selection of violins,  violas,  cellos and bows  is always available.

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An outstanding and rare cello by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Milan circa 1760


Two great Camilli violins

 C. Camilli, Mantua, 1739


C. Camilli, Mantua c.1735 with table of Jos. Guadagnini