Violin Bows


Eugene Sartory, Paris circa 1940  Vn SVB125

Fine late bow by this French master. Good condition with later adjuster. Silver and ebony mounted octagonal Pernambuco wood stick

Claude Thomassin, Paris c. 1920

Fine bow by Thomassin, made for and sold by John and Arthur Beare of London (who's brand it bears). Silver and ebony mounted round Pernambuco wood stick; frog with ring and eyes; silver adjuster; branded "John & Arthur Beare"; weight = 61 grams. The bow is a fine example in excellent condition with the exception of some small repairs to the stick under the frog.

J.S. Finkel, Brienz, Switzerland SVB132

Fine bow by the head of the famous Finkel bow workshop. Gold & ebony mounted round Pernambuco wood stick. Branded "J.S. Finkel". Photos to follow...

W.E.Hill & Sons ("W.E.H. & S.") Vn SVB91

Excellent bow (W.C.Retford) with round Pernambuco wood stick mounted in silver and ebony. Weight = 60g

W.E.Hill & Sons ("Hill") Vn SVB64

Clean bow mounted in silver and ebony (alum face) with round Pernambuco wood stick.

Pierre Guillaume, Brussels

New bow by this fine Belgian maker Round Pernambuco wood stick mounted in silver and ebony with pearl eyes and silver rings; solid silver adjuster; branded "Guillaume a Bruxelles" on the stick; weight = 62.5 grams

Finkel J.S. Vn B121

Good bow from this popular Swiss bow maker. Silver and ebony mounted Round Pernambuco wood stick