J.Betts (Va), London c.1800 (39.8cm)

Really excellent example of Betts' work on a fine broad model ideal for violas. Excptionally good sound and in perfect condition. One piece back of very broad figure ascending slightly from the left; ribs of medium figure; scroll of broad figure; two piece table of close width grain at centre opening to broad at the sides; varnish of a warm orange colour on golden-yellow ground. Length of back = 39.8cm Upper bouts = 19.2cm Lower bouts = 24.1cm

James Briggs, Glasgow 1896 (41.9cm)

Fine instrument in excellent condition

Thomas Earl Hesketh, Manchester 1900 (42.3cm)

Beautifully made instrument of excellent proportions and good sound. One piece maple back of well figured medium-close figure ascending slightly from the left; ribs of broad figure; scroll of medium figure; varnish of a golden-orange colour on a golden ground. Excellent condition and original label dated 1900.

John Wilkinson, London c.1950 (42.2cm)

Nicely made viola in fine condition. It has good proportions and an excellent sound.

Mittenwald circa 1870 (39.4cm)

Very attractive instrument in near-perfect condition. On the smaller side but remarkably good sound nevertheless. One piece back of plain maple; ribs and scroll with faint curl; two piece table of mostly broad width grain; varnish of a rich orange-red colour. Signed/dated in ink by maker in the pegbox (though barely legible). Measurements: Back = 39.4cm Upper bouts = 18.7cm Lower bouts = 23.2cm