Instrument and bow sales

Instruments and bows ranging in quality from good student to top professional are always in stock and an interesting and wide selection is available. Every item sold is guaranteed in authenticity and in perfect working order. Nothing leaves the shop that has not passed the most stringent tests of approval.

Items not in stock can often be sought out and specific requirements can be kept on record until a suitable instrument or bow becomes available. Since we are very familiar with international trade, overseas customers are most welcome. London is the world centre of the violin market and there are many good reasons why you should look for an instrument or bow here, not least to benefit from the competitive prices that can often be found.

Instruments and bows sold on commission or purchased

Instruments and bows for sale will be gladly seen at any time.

If not of interest, advise will always be offered as to the best possible method of disposing of your instrument or bow. Sales on commission are welcomed.

Valuations and opinions

Valuations for insurance can be carried out by appointment and advice on the major musical instrument insurance companies offered.