Camillus Camilli, Mantua 1739

Exciting and attractive violin by Camillus Camilli bearing the original label. Camilli's instruments always sound extremely fine and this is no exception. Head later but matching well. Measurements: Length of back = 35.0cm Upper bouts = 16.3cm Lower bouts = 20.4cm

George Chanot, Paris circa 1840-50

Fine violin by Chanot (I). Along with Nicolas Lupot and J.B. Vuillaume he created some of the finest instruments of the 19th century Paris school inspired by the great masters. This one is on the rarer Del Gesu pattern, possibly after the Sainton violin of 1733/4 - though the head is slightly less extreme.

Piero Parravacini, Milan 1925

Exceptional violin by a pupil of Romeo Antoniazzi dating from 1925. Length of back = 35.8cm. Excellent condition.

N.F.Vuillaume, Brussels 1866

Fine example of Vuillaume's work based on a del Gesu pattern and in excellent condition. Two piece back of medium figure ascending from the joint; ribs of medium figure; scroll of fainter medium figure; two piece table of medium width grain at the centre opening towards the sides; varnish of a red-brown colour. Measurements: Length of back = 35.6cm Upper bouts = 17.1cm Lower bouts = 20.7cm. Original label dated 1866 and numbered "304".

Honore Derazey, Mirecourt, circa 1850-60

Beautiful violin in superb condition after Stradivari. Labelled and branded internally. LOB = 35.7cm

Nestor Audinot, Paris 1887

Probably one of the purest, most attractive and best sounding Audinots you are likely to find. Guarneri Del Gesu model in excellent condition.

Giovanni Gaida, London, 1909

A very fine example of Gaida's work in practically mint condition and with excellent playing qualities. Two piece back of well figured maple of close-medium widths descending from the joint; ribs of broad figure; scroll of medium figure similar to that of the back; two piece table of medium to medium-broad width grain; varnish of an orange colour over a golden ground. Length of back = 35.6cm Upper bouts = 16.7cm 
Lower bouts = 20.4cm

Edmund Aireton, London 1761 (baroque set-up)

Very handsome instrument that has been converted to full early set-up. Good condition and on a Stainer pattern (of the best kind). Signed and dated inside by the maker.

English, Furber School circa 1790 (Classical)

Completely untouched original condition - the table has never been removed from this violin which also retains its original neck and fingerboard. Very pretty and in near mint condition. Two piece back of close figure descending from the joint; ribs of close figure; scroll of medium figure; two piece table of medium width grain; varnish of a red-brown colour. Length of back = 35.2cm Upper bouts = 17.0cm Lower bouts = 20.5cm