• Ch.J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris, 1893
Carlo Ferdinando Landolphi, Milan circa 1760

A handsome example of this great Milanese maker's work. Two piece back of medium horizontal figure descending slightly to the right; ribs and scroll similar to back; two piece table of medium to medium-broad width grain; varnish of a golden orange-brown colour. Please enquire for more information

Richard Tobin, London circa 1800

Absolutely stunning cello by Richard Tobin. Wonderful condition and sound.

Lorraine Bitaud, Newark 2011

Fine instrument on a Rugeri pattern with full and rich tone. Photos to follow...

Mittenwald (Ce) circa 1870

Excellent cello in remarkably fine condition - typically 'Mittenwald' and lovely for it. Stradivari model, perfect size and proportions. Photos to follow shortly...